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Career wish scene
-- anyp talent training plan

Talent is the source of the life of enterprise development.Bo, a variety of talents from first to last committed to training toadapt to the long-term development of the enterprise. Respectthe employee's career aspirations, taking into account the enterprise development needs, for a long time we train a large number of outstanding technical engineers, marketing personnel, administrative personnel, human resources and financial talent, not only to expand the market competitiveness of enterprises, also let every employee in Primus innovation of enterprise culture idea to realize their own value.

We provide a unified new employee orientation training: from the company's establishment of development, enterprise culture, organization, rules and regulations, information security and confidentiality agreement to help employees with Primus work environment, quick access to working condition.

After the trial period, the company will arrange senior staff to help develop a work plan, guide the work, to help solve the problem, according to the staff's professional aspirations to help employees develop detailed career planning, and strive to achieve the value of each employee through teamwork.

We firmly believe that, with the embodiment of Boyi belief that every company staff self value, we will with each employee to work together, in the continuous exploration to achieve a common dream.


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